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Investigative Decision Making


Our team produces, in part, high stakes decision making research and application for law enforcement, military and security services. Research and analysis includes the concepts of decision inertia at strategic (i.e., gold) level, effective means to inhibit inertia and anticipatory thinking (a hallmark of expertise). In essence, we can provide support to investigators in any number of investigative decision making scenarios.

Much of our research and expertise in investigative decision making stems from the critical incident decision making work of Dr. Laurence J. Alison. Dr. Alison has worked extensively with UK police, both as an advisor in over 400 critical and major incidents, and for specific cases and the courts.

Dr. Alison utilises highly immersive scenario-based learning simulations for the purposes of training and research. He has worked in china, Japan, the US and many counties across Europe.

How we can help

We can offer investigators a wide variety of perspectives to support investigative decision making during a criminal inquiry. We take an evidence based, warranted approach, providing investigators with clear, objective reasoning, for decisions made – potentially of crucial importance in an investigative audit.

Further, we can provide research, analysis and training through evidence based (scenario) learning for critical incident decision making and management - specifically in decision inertia and anticipatory thinking.