• Behavioural crime scene analysis

Behavioural Crime Scene Analysis


At the basis of all criminal investigative research and behavioural investigative advice (BIA) is the analysis of the crime scene.

Behaviouralcrime scene analysis (BCSA) refers to a process of interpreting crime scene information and behaviour (e.g., offender-victim interaction, victim characteristics, situational parameters, etc.) just prior, during and just after an offence for the purpose of offender detection (e.g., suspect prioritization, profiling), investigation (e.g., case linkage, script analysis) and conviction (e.g., interview and trial strategy). BCSA can also be employed in forensic contexts for threat, risk and recidivism prediction.

How we can help

BCSA is a complex process of interpreting behaviour, motivation and contextual information simultaneously. To this end, we take a multi-method approach from various perspectives to analyse crime scene information as a team, including input from the referring investigator(s).

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