Alasdair M. Goodwill

Member Information

Name: Alasdair M. Goodwill

Role: Director, Associate Member

Qualifications: PhD CPsychol (UK) AFBPsS

Affiliation & Position: Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Ryerson University

Link: Publications


Dr. Alasdair M. Goodwill is the Director of the Criminal Investigative Research and Analysis Group. He is an Associate Professor of psychology at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada, specialising in criminological, forensic and investigative psychology.  Dr. Goodwill’s main interests are in the research and application (i.e., analysis) of Behavioural Investigative Advice in serious, violent and sexual offence investigations. In particular, his focus is on developing, analysing and delivering pragmatic multiphasic methods for suspect prioritisation and investigative recommendations  in criminal investigations.

Working alongside Police investigators, practitioners and academic colleagues he has contributed psychological analysis and behavioural investigative advice to several high profile cases for national and local Police forces.  It is through this hands-on experience working with investigators that Dr. Goodwill has developed a deep appreciation for the experiential approaches of police and law enforcement investigators. As such, his methodological ideology is one of pragmatism and he strives to make his research as practical and ‘hands-on’ as possible, to bridge academic. law enforcement and practitioner communities.

Dr. Goodwill is a Chartered Psychologist (CPsychol ; British Psychological Society, Division of Forensic Psychology, UK; 2006 to present) with specialist Forensic Designation (Health Professions Council, UK; 2009-2012), Chartered Scientist (CSci; BPS Science Council, UK; 2006-2012), Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society (AFBPsS), Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society (RSS), and a Fellow of the International Association of Investigative Psychology (F-IAIP). Dr. Goodwill is also an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham (UK) an Affiliate of the Forensic Psychology Research Centre (Ottawa, Canada), Associate Member of the Carleton Police Research Laboratory (Ottawa, Canada). Internationally, he is an Associate Member of the Centre for Investigative and Forensic Psychology (UK) and the Centre for Critical Incident Research (UK) and serves as an Adjunct Professor at Charité Universitätsmedizin (Berlin, Germany) and the University of Huddersfield (UK).

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Dr. Goodwill founded the CiR&A group to “put the research in the hands of those that need it” and to “promote the ideal of collaboration” where the ultimate goal is to prevent and reduce crime through informed investigative decision making, strategic judgement and behavioural understanding.