PsynopsisBrankley, A. E. & Goodwill, A.M. (Winter, 2014). Optimizing case conceptualization of sex offender needs: The utility of behavioural crime scene analysis. Psynopsis, pp. 15-16.

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Abstract Researchers at the Criminal Investigative Research & Analysis Group (CiR&A; have been working on various methods to analyze crime scene behaviours to aid forensic clinicians with case conceptualization of sex offenders’ needs. Analysis of crime scene behaviours is unstandardized and sporadically used in assessments. However, crime scene behaviours can often be identified to infer an offender’s motivation– important in assessing criminogenic needs (i.e., risk-need-responsivity model; R-N-R) for offender treatment. Connecting clinicians with research from criminal investigative psychology will aid in their understanding of offenders’ motivations through their crime scene behaviours. A framework for behavioural crime scene analysis (BCSA) in sexual offending using risk factors can be of specific help.