Lehmann, R.J.B, Goodwill, A.M., Gallasch-Nemitz, F., Biedermann, J. & Dahle, K-P. (2013). Applying Crime Scene Analysis to the Prediction of Sexual Recidivism in Stranger Rapes. Law & Human Behavior, 37, 241-254.

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Abstract The current study sought to improve the predictive accuracy of sexual recidivism using the Static–99 risk assessment tool by the addition of detailed crime scene analysis (CSA). CSA was carried out using a Behavioral Thematic Analysis (BTA) approach, the gold-standard in CSA. BTA was conducted on a sample of 167 stranger rape cases using nonmetric multidimensional scaling (MDS). The BTA procedure revealed three behavioral themes of hostility, criminality, and sexual exploitation, consistent with previous research in sexual offending CSA. Logistic regression analysis indicated that the criminality theme was significantly predictive of sexual recidivism and also significantly correlated with previous sexual offense history. Further, the criminality theme led to a significant increase in the incremental validity of the Static–99 actuarial risk assessment instrument for the prediction of sexual recidivism.