Psychological Understanding
The CiR&A group is unique in our ability to offer investigative support based on a vast combined knowledge of criminological, forensic, investigative and psychological sciences.  As such, our associate group can offer substantial evidence-based insight into the understanding and interpretation of complex and/or unique criminal behaviour.


We are here to support your investigation

We would not (ever) suggest that seasoned, experienced investigators are not behavioural experts in their own right and our input is a foregone necessity. Instead, we suggest that from time to time investigators, even behavioural investigative experts, will come across cases that include complex behaviour so unique and rare that it presents a significant interpretative challenge. This is where a collaborative group approach can help.

Our team of experts have extensive experience in working high profile and highly unique cases

Our associates all have experience assisting in and supporting live investigations. In the majority of cases, support revolves around providing psychological understanding of the offender. This may involve behavioural case formulation, motivational analysis, and other clinical and forensic interpretations with the goal of providing investigative recommendations that are clear, pragmatically useful, objective and ultimately successful.