Cold case review
No one wants to see a case go cold; an offender walks free to offend again and investigators are left with the bitter anguish of not being able to provide the victim, their families and their loved ones with justice.

Sometimes the missing puzzle piece is a fresh set of eyes…

Cold cases are predominantly solved by advances in forensic science technology, such as DNA matching, confessions and/or witnesses coming forward. The latter of which often arises from renewed and increased media coverage and investigator input. To  get to that stage a cold case needs to turn warm again – this is where we might help.  Just like advances in technology, there have been advances in behavioural understanding. Thus investigators and victim families must ask the question - was the original analysis and interpretation of the motivational and behavioural aspects of this crime (e.g. cold case) based on outdated theory/science?

Clearly, it is imperative to have a correct understanding of the motivations and behaviours in an investigation. Sometimes all that is needed to re-open a cold case is a fresh analysis of the crime from a behavioural point of view, which can lead to a renewed interest in the case and vigour in solving it. Our group can assist investigators with comprehensive “cold case” reviews utilising a variety of approaches (e.g. behavioural, cognitive, motivational, functional, thematic) from a variety of perspectives (e.g. criminological, psychological, forensic, investigative) and both clinical- and research-oriented.

Reviews can be initiated by investigators and/or the families and loved ones of victims.