jpopGoodwill, A.M., Stephens, S., Oziel, S., Sharma, S., Allen, J., Bowes, N. & Lehmann, R. (2013). Advancement of Criminal Profiling Methods in Faceted Multidimensional Analysis. Journal of Investigative Psychology and Offender Profiling, 10, 71-95.

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Abstract  The current study seeks to advance the faceted multidimensional scaling (termed FMDS) procedure used in much of the investigative psychology research. To this end, recent research on street robbery by Goodwill and colleagues will be utilised to illustrate the effectiveness of a facet scale method for offender profiling. Four FMDS themes of street robbery (Con, Blitz, Confrontation and Snatch) were revealed by the crossing of two underlying axial facets: the offenders’ level of violence and interaction with the victim. The facet scale method, utilising offenders’ axial facet scores, was compared to previous count, proportional and centroid classification methods in the prediction of offender criminal histories. Utilising logistic regression and receiver operating characteristic analyses, the axial facet scale method was found to significantly outperform the qualitatively based dominant theme classification methods that typically employ angular and radial facets for FMDS interpretation. Implications for the use of axial facet scales within FMDS analysis for offender profiling research are discussed.