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The Criminal Investigative Research and Analysis Group is a consortium of criminological, investigative, behavioural, and forensic researchers and practitioners.

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At Criminal Investigative Research and Analysis Group, we conduct a wide variety of activities to meet the needs of our society by enhancing cooperation among students, young researchers, practitioners, and educators in the sphere of Criminal Justice, Psychology, and Forensics. We love what we do CIR&A as it helps us to build a more peaceful world community where there is less crime and more understanding of how the people’s minds work and cause new law violations.

Besides conferences, round tables, and meetings we organize, and studies we carry out, we provide research papers help to students of the following majors: Law, Forensic Psychology, Anthropology, etc. Our job is to help them in developing their writing skills so that they could complete all kinds of writing assignments in their study programs. Besides this, we run a blog where we share our tips for writing a Criminal Justice essay, a Psychology research paper, an Anthropology essay, etc. Feel free to visit it to find out how to improve your essays and get higher scores today. On the same blog, you can find good research essay topics for you to work on for your classes. All of them fall in the scope of Law, Criminal Justice, Forensic Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology majors, so you can choose any of them to complete a term paper. To make sure your professor considers them appropriate for your classes, discuss the chosen topic with them, and then contact us for the writing help.

If you need someone to write my research papers on Criminal Justice and similar subjects, we are ready to provide you with our assistance in the form of face-to-face Zoom consultations. During such talk, we will help you to brainstorm your topic, make your thesis statement stand out, and complete the outline for your paper. Also, we can give our professional advice on the best references that you can use for your essay and provide access to them. Finally, we can offer a writing workshop to boost your reasoning and writing skills quickly.

Regardless of the kind of cooperation you want to have with us, we will be communicating via Skype or Zoom with you. This is to ensure common health safety during this uncertain time of the pandemic. Still, if you have any questions to discuss before the start, feel free to reach out to us via email or over the phone.

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