Skye Stephens

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Skye Stephens

|Associate Member|

Skye Stephens

Member Information

Name: Skye Stephens

Role: Associate Member

Qualifications:  BA (Hons), MA (Clin.Psych)

Affiliation & Position: PhD candidate in Clinical Psychology, Ryerson University, Canada


Link: Publications and additional info via Linked in

Research Interests

My predominant research interest is in the role of sexual deviancy in the etiology and maintenance of sexual offending. The main focus of my dissertation is on hebephilia (sexual interest in pubescent children who are showing early signs of pubertal development) and its relationship with sexual offending victim choice and recidivism.

Secondary research interests include:  the efficacy of CBT for Psychosis in forensic populations, developmental trajectories of criminal behaviour and intervention with youth to divert them off of these trajectories, sexual violence prevention, and the assessment and treatment of paraphilias.

Clinical Interests:

Clinically I am interested in working with forensic populations. I am most interested in working clinically with sexual offenders, forensic inpatients (e.g., those found NCRMD), and/or adolescent offenders.

I have experience working with general adult clinical populations and have provided psychological treatment for a wide range of Axis 1 and Axis 2 disorders. I have clinical-forensic experience conducting neuropsychological, risk, fitness, section 34, and criminal responsibility assessments. I have also been involved in the delivery of group and individual treatment to individuals in conflict with the law with a focus on the treatment of criminogenic needs and mental health problems (e.g., CBT for Psychosis).

Research Support:

2012-2014      Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers Pre-doctoral Research Grant ($14,490 USD)

2013-2016      Social Science and Humanities Grant (SSHRC), CGS Award ($105,000)

2012-2013      Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS), Doctoral Award ($15,000)

2011-2012      Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS), Masters Award ($15,000)

2010- 2011     Social Science and Humanities Grant (SSHRC), Joseph Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarships ($17,500)