Andrew E. Brankley

|Associate Member|

Andrew E. Brankley

|Associate Member|

Andrew E. Brankley

Member Information

Name: Andrew E. Brankley

Role:  Associate Member

Qualifications: BA (Hons) Psychology & Philosophy Specialist (U of T)

Affiliation & Position: Master’s of Arts candidate, Clinical Psychology, Department of Psychology, Ryerson University

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My research interests lie in improving our understanding of sexual offenders and providing practical recommendations to inform investigation, assessment, and treatment of this challenging population. In my MA/PhD research, I am developing a research program dedicated to standardizing behavioural crime scene analysis by testing a tool, the Crime Scene Analysis for Sexual Offences Instrument (CSA-S), by which consistent behavioural themes in sexual offences can be reliably measured. The applications of using the CSA-S are diverse: (1) it will provide a paradigm shift away from current unstandardized methods of behavioural crime scene analysis, (2) it will provide a tool to aid in the prediction of recidivism, and (3) it will provide potential targets for treatment. By integrating statistical techniques with the accrued theoretical knowledge in the field, I hope to promote the safety and security of Canadian citizens.

While my primary clinical interest lies in the assessment and treatment of violent and sexual offenders, I am also motivated to work with a variety of challenging populations, including Substance and Alcohol Use disorders, Personality Disorders, Paraphilia, and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. My primary therapy modality is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Along with like-minded colleagues, I have co-founded an advocacy group called Graduate student Advocates for Psychology (GAP). The mission of GAP is to educate the community about the scope of psychological research and practice. Specifically, GAP aims to increase awareness and understanding of the field of psychology so that accurate information is easily accessible to the general public. By increasing awareness and understanding, GAP aims to dislodge common misconceptions about psychology. In order to achieve our goals we will be making use of social media as well as conducting informational sessions.

Please visit our our site MIND THE GAP and follow us on Twitter (@MindTheGapRye).