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Ones to watch: Robert J. Lehmann

Robert J. Lehmann is one to watch. Robert is currently completing his PhD at the Institute of Forensic Psychiatry, Charité University, Berlin, Germany  focusing on crime scene analysis for the prediction of sexual recidivism (amongst many other pursuits) under the supervision of Klaus Peter...
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Faceted multidimensional analysis in criminal profiling

Goodwill, A.M., Stephens, S., Oziel, S., Sharma, S., Allen, J., Bowes, N. & Lehmann, R. (2013). Advancement of Criminal Profiling Methods in Faceted Multidimensional Analysis. Journal of Investigative Psychology and Offender Profiling, 10, 71-95. | Link to article in Journal...
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Applying crime scene analysis to predicton of sexual recidivism

Lehmann, R.J.B, Goodwill, A.M., Gallasch-Nemitz, F., Biedermann, J. & Dahle, K-P. (2013). Applying Crime Scene Analysis to the Prediction of Sexual Recidivism in Stranger Rapes. Law & Human Behavior, 37, 241-254. | Link to article in Law and Human Behaviour | |...
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